A wrestling match, much given grace, and a miracle!


Childbearing in this fallen world is full of pain and difficulty.   A few weeks ago, during a Bible study, I was reminded of the specific consequence of Eve’s sin in the garden.  The “pain” mentioned in Gen. 3:16 seems to be an all encompassing pain ranging from literal pain to baroness, loss of life, and much more – the range is immense.  Keith and I have experienced a lot of this type of pain, first hand.  We’ve experienced many years of waiting and wondering if children would be possible, high risk pregnancies (due to my congenital heart disease), c sections, a season of postpartum depression, the incredible grief of a miscarriage, hemorrhaging during the miscarriage and needing emergency blood transfusions, extremely difficult postpartum recoveries, and finally wrestling through the difficulty of being told that a third, much desired child, was extremely unlikely.

The past couple of years have been years of praying and seeking the Lord as to His will for our family.  We’ve longed for a third child but we just kept waiting and wrestling with the desire and praying the Lord would grant us contentment in His perfect plan for us.  When we looked into my health further it turned out that my hormone levels showed that my childbearing years were indeed coming to an end quickly.  In many ways we grieved the news and wrestled with it all and yet the Lord walked patiently with us and granted us peace.  By His grace we were granted contentment in the Lords plan and we began to rejoice more fully in the precious 2 daughters He had given us.  We were able to cherish, with even greater joy, the wonderful gifts they were and began to move on as a family of 4.  Even though the desire for another child was present, we joyfully (by His grace) persevered, resting in Him.  The Lord was incredibly gracious and patient with our longings and questions throughout the entire season and we praise Him for it.

Much to our surprise the Lord had another plan!  On a Sunday morning (Keith was already at church and preparing to preach) in September I realized I was pregnant.  We were in complete and utter shock for days (and still are!).  In His kindness He has given us another girl!  We are rejoicing and praising Him for this unexpected gift.  We are truly overwhelmed by His goodness to us and praise Him for it!  We see this little girl as a true miracle and pray that her life brings the Father much glory!

Introducing, Baby girl, #3!


Proud big sisters, announcing its a girl!



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