Update and some pic’s

I’m continuing to battle continuous migraines, but thankfully I’m on a preventative medication now that is helping them to be less severe (it’s especially helped the nausea).  It’s still difficult though having one most days.  I’m currently on a hypoallergenic diet (read more about it here) to see if any of my symptoms are food allergy related.  Unfortunately, so far I haven’t noticed any changes, but it’s good to at least hopefully rule that out.  The diet has been sanctifying as I am only eating Free range chicken, a shortened list of fruits and veggies, rice, lentils and quinoa.  (Oh how I’d love a cup of coffee or a bite of chocolate!) This makes my breakfasts and late night snacks look pretty interesting at times.  =)  (I’ve been caught nibbling on roasted chicken, or a bowl of carrots late at night, ha!)  I often eat sweet potatoes for breakfast now which I’m starting to get used to.

The Lord is continuing to pour out His grace, strength and perspective during this trial.  Keith is serving me really well, especially with this diet as I’m constantly preparing foods since nothing can be “processed.”  He’s been helping a lot in the kitchen and I’m very thankful for how He’s loving me in this.

The girls are doing really well…

Lillian will be 4 in April and is a bundle of energy and joy.  She is simply hilarious and is developing quite the sense of humor.  I often hear her say, “I’m just telling a joke on you!” after saying something funny.  She keeps us laughing for sure.  I prayed from the beginning of motherhood that my children would have merciful hearts towards those who are weak as they grow up with a mom with a chronic illness.  By God’s grace, we are beginning to see fruits of these prayers as Lillian is a very merciful and caring child.

Ivy is just about 6 months old and I just can’t believe it.  I keep trying to freeze her in this precious baby stage but it’s just not working!  =)  Ivy can be described quite well in one word and that’s “sweet.”  She is a very easy going girl with an almost constant smile.  She’s starting to belly laugh and it makes us all laugh.  Oh what a joy she is!

Ok, finally, some pictures…..  =)








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