“He is for you”

Just 2 days before delivering Ivy, Keith preached a sermon that was so challenging and helpful for me as I was about to take a big step of faith.  The dialogue in this Exodus text between Moses and God is so real, so candid and so familiar.  God so often calls us to things that we are fearful of or that seem impossible.  We so often respond as Moses does, full of fear and sinfully focused on ourselves.  Keith focused on a phrase/promise that has been ringing in my ears since that day.  “He is for you.”  God is “for” His children.  As I laid on the operating table in the OR this phrase was going through my mind.  As I feed Ivy in the middle of the night and don’t feel as though I have the strength to do so, I’ve thought of this.  This promise has helped me keep perspective during these difficult early weeks with a newborn.  I’d encourage you to listen to this sermon and enjoy basking in the Lord’s promises to His children.  Here’s a link:  http://www.sermonaudio.com/playpopup.asp?SID=729121311596

I often write meditations or notes to Keith on the mirror in our bathroom with a dry erase marker.  Here’s what it looks like these days.  =)



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