Blessed ~ another Goad on the way!

I just realized that I haven’t announced our exciting news.  The Lord, in His mercy, has blessed us with another child!  After going through a miscarriage this summer, my perspective has certainly been different.  By God’s grace I’ve been able to view each week (especially early on) as a gift from God.  I’ve realized that sometimes, although extremely painful, we are given children just for a short moment.  The Lord, again in His mercy, has kept my heart soft (a specific answer to prayer!!!) and has allowed me to focus on His goodness – including His good plan for me.  All of these things are God’s grace and work as my sinful heart’s inclination is to draw inward and focus on anything but Truth and light.

I am now 21 weeks and we hope to find out on Friday if it’s a boy or girl.  Lillian is ecstatic!!  She talks to baby all day long and it’s the sweetest thing!

I have been reminded that pregnancy, even this blessed state, is full of physical and emotional challenges.  I’m all of the sudden a moody person (a big adjustment for me) who’s even more tired and weary than usual.  I seem to battle migraines much more frequently during pregnancy as well (this seems to be common).  I often feel weary.  Thankfully, this time it’s a little easier to view pregnancy as a season that will have a joyful end…it’s just a bit more tangible after going through this before.

A sweet friend of mine, just this morning, sent me this quote about the season of pregnancy.  How freeing and timely.  The Lord knows just what we need!!  Even, a timely note from a friend.  =)

“My dearest daughter, we must not be unjust and require from ourselves what is not in ourselves….The child who is taking shape in your womb will be a living image of the divine majesty, but while your soul, strength and your natural vigor is occupied with this work or pregnancy, it must grow weary and tired and you cannot at the same time perform your ordinary (spiritual) exercises so actively and so gaily.  But suffer lovingly this lassitude and heaviness, in consideration of the honor that God will receive from your work” ~ Gary Thomas, Sacred Parenting

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!


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