Pursuing Contentment

I recently came across another book on contentment that I’ve been reading through.  I get so excited when I find something on this topic that is full of depth and is written by someone who is/was pursuing Godliness.  In this case, the book is by a Puritan named Thomas Watson (1620-1686).  Interestingly, Watson was living during a portion of Jeremiah Burroughs (1600-1646) life.  The work, “The Art of Divine Contentment” has been truly encouraging and challenging so far.  If you’re interested in reading it for FREE online just click HERE.

Here’s what stood out to me today,

“Contentment is a flower that doth not grow in every garden; it teacheth a man how in the midst of want to abound.  You would think it were excellent if I could prescribe a receipt or antidote against poverty: but behold here is that which is more excellent, for a man to want, and yet have enough, this alone contentment of spirit doth bring.  Contentation is a remedy against all our trouble, an alleviation to all our burdens, it is the cure of care.”


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