Random things I’m loving…

1.  Coke Slurpee’s- (I usually only splurge with one on a road trip or when I’m sick, but we’ve been sick a lot)   =)

2.  Eskimo kisses from Lil – everyone should be able to experience this hilariousness

3.  Family Days on Thursdays

4.  Keith’s preaching

5. Walks in the woods

6.  Church Family Suppers – every Wednesday (great fellowship and a break from cooking!)

7.  Watching the Lord send out dear friends to the mission field

8.  Reading the Gospel of Luke

9.  Driving past scenic views, cows and horses each day

10. Daffodil and Crocus bulbs peeking through the soil

11.  Visits from friends

11.  Did I mention this little girl?….


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