Good-bye Louisville

I’ve kind of avoided talking about the fact that Keith, Lil and I are moving to Va this week.  There are SO many emotions to process and I just don’t know where to begin.  We moved here to KY 8 years ago, had been married a week, and were just excited to finally live life together.  Louisville has been such a great place.  A place where the Lord has shown us His faithfulness, especially in times of trial.  A place of blessing as we covenanted together with the people that make up this church. I’ve been fed God’s word and have been challenged as I’ve learned how to better love and serve God’s people.  I’m leaving here changed.  Changed by the God who led us here and who’s leading us to VA.  He’s been faithful and full of grace as I slowly learn how to be a wife and mom.  I’m thankful for the friends I’ve come to love here.  Friends that I praise God I’m going to spend eternity with.  Isn’t life in God’s kingdom full of wonderful promises?

I’m also thankful that God is leading us to our new church full of loving people I can’t wait to get to know better.  The Lord has graciously led us with clarity and we feel confident in Him as we go.  I am thankful that even in transitions the Lord remains the same and I can rest in His constancy and stability.

Sadness, Thanksgiving, Excitement, Fear, Anticipation, Peace, Joy….can they all happen at once?  I guess I’m living proof.

I came here as a new wife.  I’m leaving as a wife, mom and pastors wife.  Please Lord, find me faithful!


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