Playlist suggestions? Songs for the weary

Last year I made my family an “itunes playlist” full of  songs of encouragement.  I’d like to make another but would love suggestions of songs that would be an encouragement to weary souls.  Please send suggestions!!  Email me at or leave a comment.

Here are the songs from the 1st playlist…

Joy in the morning – Sovereign Grace

O Love that will not let me go – Indelible Grace

I have a shelter – Sovereign Grace

Hide away in the love of Jesus – Sovereign Grace

The Love of Christ – Derek Webb

Unfailing love – Chris Tomlin

Mercies Anew – Sovereign Grace

Oh Lord, you’re beautiful – Keith Green

I heard the voice of Jesus say – Indelible Grace

Soon and very soon – Red Mountain Music

Come said Jesus’ sacred voice – Matthew Smith

Abide with me – Matthew Perryman Jones

Dear refuge of my weary soul – Indelible Grace


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