What do you think?

I’ve been dying to post some more about Lillian (things like what she’s up to developmentally, etc) but I’m wondering if this would be a good thing to incorporate into my blog or not.  I’m up for starting a new separate family blog if that would be better.  So readers, what do you think??  Please leave comments!


3 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. Hey. Jamie here. I’ve wondered the same thing about my blog… I feel like I have two seperate goals for it – family/updates and more devotional/thoughts. Good question. Let me know what you decide – I would definitely check out BOTH! 🙂

  2. I’m really late leaving a comment, but I’ll throw in my two cents anyway. 🙂

    I think it is fine to have blog posts about Lillian here. I think it would be simpler for you and for readers to have everythign in one place.

    So, for what it’s worth, I vote for one blog that includes your thoughts and devotionals, and includes Lillian too.

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