“A Greater Blessedness”

This Christmas season, Keith and I were blessed and challenged as we read through this excellent book of advent readings.  I have continued to reflect on a few of the selections that seemed to prick my heart in new ways.  One such reading, by Jonathan Edwards, keeps coming to mind.  Here’s an exerpt from it:

‘”Tis a greater blessedness to have spiritual communion with God and to have a saving intercourse with him by the instances of his Spirit and by the exercise of true devotion than it is to converse with God externally, to see the visible representation and manifestations of his presence and glory, and to hear his voice with the bodily ears as Moses did.  For in this Spiritual intercourse the soul is nigh unto and hath more a particular portion than in any external intercourse.”

It seems in my own life as I read Scripture I find myself thinking thoughts such as, “if I could only see Christ and hear Him say these words then obedience would come more easily,” etc.  I found this selection by Edwards so challenging as he clearly explains how we are SO much more blessed to have “Spiritual Communion” and “saving intercourse” than if we were to sit at Jesus’ feet and literally hear his voice.

The work of Christ on the cross is all I need and yet I so often lose sight of the implications of the Gospel as I go about my day.  The Holy Spirit now dwells in me.  My sins have been atoned for.  My Savior is interceding for me, cheering me on.  I have the hope of Heaven shining brightly and yet too often I let the darkness of this world seep in robbing me of joy and perspective.

Lord Jesus, grant me the grace to see my blessedness!


2 thoughts on ““A Greater Blessedness”

  1. I loved that devo book too and still refer back to it! I wanted to blog about it during the Christmas season, but it never happened. You inspire me that it’s not too late! I just started the Easter one today. Do y’all have that one?

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