Union with Christ and Thanksgiving

I was challenged last week as I read this quote by Jerry Bridges in his book “The Practice of Godliness.”

“Thanksgiving is a normal result of a vital union with Christ, and a direct measure of the extent to which we are experiencing the reality of that union in our daily lives.”

Wow, what a humbling reminder that if I’m united with Christ then I will overflow with thanksgiving.  I was challenged as I thought about my own thankfulness (or really lack of!) as a measure of the vitality of my walk with Christ.  I find it so easy to get bogged down by the weight of this world and to allow this to squelch any thankfulness.

Even this week I’ve found myself much more symptomatic and have wrestled with feeling down about how I’m feeling physically.  But if change my focus to seeking union with Christ I am quickly reminded that I am SO incredibly blessed and should be going through my day overflowing with thanksgiving.

Help me Lord to seek your face, to be unified with you in a vital union and for my heart to well up with thanksgiving in a song a praise!


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