Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow

Keith and I are overjoyed to annouce that our little blessing arrived safely on April 24th at 7:13 pm.  We’ve named her Lillian Marie and she was 6 pd’s 10 oz. and 19 3/4 ” long.  My dr. suggested that we induce because I was so close to going into labor at my appointment on the 24th and she felt like having me go into labor in a controlled environment would be best.  It turned out to be a huge blessing because instead of going home and laboring that day (with Lillian in distress and us not knowing it) we were able to find out that Lillian wasn’t responding well to contractions (her heartrate kept dropping really low) so I ended up having a C Section.  I wasn’t ever induced because they thought she would continue to respond poorly.  We have been humbled and overwhelmed by the Lord’s grace and mercy as Lillian arrived safely and in good health.

We praise you Lord for our little blessing and look forward to the days ahead!


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