Contentment = Heaven on Earth

Keith and I are continuing to read “The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment” by Jeremiah Burroughs.  There’s so much to “chew on” that I think I could just keep reading this book over and over and continue to glean truth for my soul.

I recently read a section on contentment which likened a contented heart to Heaven.  My desire is to live a contented life and thus a restful, joyful one that is satisfied in Him alone…I have a ways to go!!

“Thus you see that contentment brings comfort to a man’s life, fills it full of comfort in this world; the truth is, it is even a Heaven on earth.  What is heaven, but the rest and quiet of a man’s spirit; that is the special thing that makes the life of Heaven, there is rest and joy, and satisfaction in God.  So it is in a contented spirit: there is rest and joy and satisfaction in God.  In Heaven there is singing praises to God; a contented heart is always praising and blessing God.  You have Heaven while on earth when you have a contented spirit…”


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