One Year Closer to Your Eternal Destiny

I have been reflecting on two things lately.

1.  There are times in life when our emotions don’t follow our hearts.  Although my heart is at peace in the Gospel I’ve been tossed and turned quite a bit recently by changing emotions and feelings.  I think for me right now these are caused by pregnancy but I’m sure I’ll experience many different seasons throughout my life when my feelings confuse me.  This has made me long even more for my eternal home where my emotions will be all joy and love for my Heavenly Father and those around me – no matter what the day or hour.

2.  At the close of 2008 I am overjoyed to be 1 year closer to my eternal home.  I’ve been reading more sermons by Jonathan Edwards that have served as reminders that my present home, earth, is a transient place.  Every one of us is bound for an eternal home – eternal destruction apart from Christ or eternal life available in Christ.

“The home to which we aspire and for which we pant is not only a promised, it is also a perfect and permanent home.  The mixed character of those seasons we now call repose, and the shifting places and changing dwellings we call home, should perpetually remind us that we are not, as yet, come to the perfect rest and the permanent home of heaven.  God is the believer’s present home and Jesus his present rest.  Beneath the shadow of the cross, by the side of the mercy seat, within the pavilion of a Father’s love, there is true mental repose, real heart’s ease, and a peace that passeth all understanding, to be found even here where all things else are fleeting as a cloud and unsubstantial as a dream…It is enough that I am journeying toward the heaven that is my rest, and that I am one year nearer its blessed and endless enjoyment.” Octavious Winslow (1808 – 1878)

I praise you Father for your grace and mercy that allows sinners like me to find security in your love and eternal plan!!


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