Suffering and Death: A Gateway To Unending Joy!

A couple of months ago I finished the book “Heaven” by Randy Alcorn.  If you haven’t read this treasure I would definitely recommend it.  There are some repetitive parts but overall it has blessed my soul and changed my life on this earth forever.  Here’s a quote from the book that, even when you are surrounded on all sides by suffering/death and there’s no end in sight, any Christian can cling to and remember this is only a gateway.

“Anticipating Heaven doesn’t eliminate pain, but it lessens it and puts it in perspective.  Meditating on Heaven is a great pain reliever.  It reminds us that suffering and death are temporary conditions.  Our existence will not end in suffering and death–they are but a gateway to our eternal life of unending joy.  The biblical doctrine of Heaven is about the future, but it has tremendous benefits here and now.  If we grasp it, it will shift our center of gravity and radically change our perspective on life.” Randy Alcorn


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