Humbled In The Chaos

The Lord opened up a wonderful ministry opportunity for Keith and I that involved traveling to FL for a month this summer.  Afterwards we visited our families in SC, NC and VA and hosted some friends from out of town shortly after our return.  This week we were forced to stay at friends’ houses until our air conditioner could be replaced (it died last weekend).  All this to say things have been chaotic and we are craving “normalcy.”

While feeling discouraged/weary this week I was reminded/challenged by 3 things:

1.  My home is in heaven.  I am WAY too comfortable here on this earth and shouldn’t depend on physical earthly comforts to revive my soul.  Only Christ alone can be my foundation and can satisfy a weary soul.  No matter what my circumstances bring my soul can be at rest.

2.  If I were to heed the advise of Edward’s (see previous post)  I would’ve realized earlier that this trial is an opportunity to enrich my soul.  I almost “let slip” this season of enrichment.

3.  Although I don’t deserve anything, the Lord has blessed me abundantly.  I have a place to lay my head while on this earth – unlike Jesus Christ who deserved one but did not (Luke 9:58).

Lord, please help me to use every moment to enrich my soul and to lean on you completely for peace and rest!


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