Prudence – Concerning the Soul

I recently came across this quote by Jonathan Edwards while reading his sermon titled “Pressing into the Kingdom of God.” It served as a great reminder that each day and every circumstance is an opportunity given to me by the Lord to enrich my soul. I was reminded that even trials are opportunities to “Press into the Kingdom” with all my might. I was convicted as I reflected on my shortcomings and often nonchalant/selfish attitude about my day. I pray this quote would do the same for you.

“If you would have spiritual prosperity, you must exercise prudence in the concerns of your souls, as well as in outward concerns, when you seek outward prosperity. The prudent husbandman will observe his opportunities; he will improve seedtime and harvest; he will make his advantage of the showers and shines of heaven. The prudent merchant will discern his opportunities; he won’t be idle on a market day; he is careful not to let slip his seasons for enriching himself; so will those that prudently seek the fruits of righteousness, and the merchandise of wisdom, improve their opportunities for their eternal wealth and happiness.”


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