Motivation to Persevere

There are so many reasons to cling to Christ in the midst of trials. One reason I was recently reminded of is that when we trust in the Lord, whatever the circumstances, satan is defeated and Christ is glorified.

James Montgomery Boice speaks of this in his commentary on Romans when we writes,

“For when you do the right things, God is glorified and Satan is shown to be a failure. This victory is complete in itself. It does not need to be added to. Nothing can diminish it or take it away. Moreover, every victory for us like this is a promise of victories yet to come. Every act of good in this life is a victory and points to Christ’s final victory. Every quiet triumph of faith over fear and pain in the hour of death is a victory, a defeat of Satan, whose ultimate but ultimately ineffective weapon is death…It points to the final victory of the resurrection. All trust in Christ points to faith in his return, when Satan and his angels will be totally destroyed. This is the great and final victory. It is for this that we both long and wait.”

If you are feeling weary in battle remember this promise, The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you.” Romans 16:20


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