God cares about your suffering

If it weren’t for Christ, I would be in despair. Not only does he promise me that this world isn’t my home and that he has prepared another place for me (heaven) but he promises that he will never leave me or forsake me – even in this fallen/often difficult world.

In the book “Suffering and the Sovereignty of God” edited by John Piper, (I HIGHLY recommend this book!) Dustin Shramek, in his article entitled “Waiting for the Morning During the Long Night of Weeping,” reminds us of God’s ever present help in times of need.

“God cares about us in the midst of the pain. His goal isn’t just to get us out of the pain to the joy; He also wants us to see that he is for us and with us in the pain. It is true that weeping will tarry for the night, but joy comes in the morning (Ps. 30:15). The morning will dawn and God will remove every tear (Rev. 21:4), but God is not just concerned about the morning, the new day when you can shout for joy. He is with us even in the night when there is nothing but weeping, when the tears are so thick that you can’t see.”


One thought on “God cares about your suffering

  1. I think another thing that it’s important to remember is that God’s goal is to have us be holy, and sometimes being happy gets in the way of that. We don’t press into God when things are easy.

    So it’s not just a matter of surviving the pain but realizing that God will use it to create something bigger and better — he will use it to make us more like Jesus.

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