As fall approaches and we begin to see and feel the change in seasons I am reminded by the words of William Law of our changing hearts. In his book “A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life” Law writes of our changing hearts:

“The next condition to which we are always to adapt some part of our prayers is the difference of our hearts, by which is meant the different state of the tempers of our hearts, as of love, joy, peace, tranquility, dullness, and dryness of spirit, anxiety, discontent, motions of envy and ambition, dark and disconsolate thoughts, resentments, fretfulness, and peevish tempers.

Now as these tempers through the weakness of our nature will have their succession more or less even pious minds, so we should constantly make the present state of our heart the reason of some particular application to God.

If we are in the delightful calm of sweet and easy passions, of love and joy in God, we should then offer the grateful tribute of thanksgiving to God for the possession of so much happiness, thankfully owning and acknowledging him as the bountiful giver of it all.

On the other hand we feel ourselves laden with heavy passions, with dullness of spirit, anxiety, and uneasiness, we must then look up to God in acts of humility, confessing our unworthiness, opening our troubles to him, beseeching him in his good time to lessen the weight of our infirmities, and to deliver us from such passions as opposed the purity and perfection of our souls.”

The wonderful news is that no matter what “season” we find our hearts in we can be reminded of God’s greatness and power over our fickle hearts. Praise God that if we trust in him to save us we are not ultimately judged by today’s attitude of our heart but by the cleansing blood of his Son and his unchanging love for us!


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